Click & Collect in our shop near the canal St Martin
True handcrafted gems, our shoes and accessories are made of natural fibers. Let's take care of them together:


* In case of a stain, you can use water and household soap and gently scrape the stain. Please ban any chemical product

* If ever your shoes took on water under the rain, just place some newspaper inside and let them dry in a safe place away from any heat source

* We higly recommend to get your shoemaker to put a thin protective pad under your leather outsoles, particularly under hand-sewn leather soles If you have any other questions regarding shoe care, please contact us via our contact form


As shoes and accessories craftwomen, our know-how remains within an easy reach! If your shoes/bag need a small stitching or patching, do not hesistate to come see us at our shop on the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris. It is also our small workshop for final touches, and we will be glad to help! Please send us a picture of your issue via our contact form beforehand. We will take the time to review your request together.

(And please keep in mind that our hands do not make any miracles)